Internet safety (Session 1)

Within the primary classroom there are many ways to enforce the vital message about being safe online. There are many websites covering internet safety; here are a few of my primary school appropriate favourites:

  • Think you know is run by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and is a great site for all key stages and includes information for parents/carers and teachers. It incorporates the Hector’s World Safety button a brilliant device for use in KS1 when children see something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Clicking on Hector causes the screen to be covered whilst the child  seeks help from a teacher or adult.
  • BBC I particularly like their Horrible Histories video where Guy Fawkes gets himself into a spot of bother when using social networking sites. This enforces the message in a fun and interactive way.
  • Kidsmart contains resources for teachers and parents and uses animations interspersed with real children to highlight issues children may encounter when using a variety of ICT and media tools. This links through to the Childnet website which contains some really useful videos and advice particularly for trainee teachers when using technology within the classroom.

It may be worth using a search engine especially developed for children such as Yahoo! KidsAsk KidsKidsClick or AOL Kids (BBC, 2012).

When using twitter in the classroom which is an excellent resource offering 140 character challenges, e- safety adviser have some great tips on using twitter in schools.

Internet safety is not only an important consideration where children are concerned, we all need to ensure we are aware of issues surrounding privacy settings on sites we use in particular social networking sites. Make sure Google doesn’t hold any surprises when your name is searched, which may impact on your future as a teacher.

Also when using videos in class it is worth downloading videos you may wish to use rather than exposing your children to the often inappropriate advertising or recommended video links some sites such as Youtube offer.



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