Skills Hub: user attitudes and new directions

Skills Hub: user attitudes and new directions
Georgina Dimmock and Jonas House


The Skills Hub is a repository of open educational resources (OERs) for students, schools, researchers and the community, which aims to develop users’ study skills.  In December 2013, University funding was awarded for the Skills Hub: Review, Redesign and Rebuild project to evaluate the Skills Hub content and enable further development. This presentation details the methodology of the project and highlights key findings from the research.  Recommendations for future development of the Skills Hub are made and areas in need of  further research are identified.View full abstract [PDF]


Funding has been received from the Vice Chancellor’s Innovation Fund and the University of Northampton Learning Enhancement and Innovation Fund 2013-14


Dimmock, G. and G. Siddall (2014) Survival: How to do your existing job and more…with fewer people. LILAC, April 23-25, 2014. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.

Presentation PDF:


Presenter: Georgina Dimmock

Georgina DimmockGeorgina Dimmock is Head of Academic Liaison and has led on the development of the Skills Hub.
She is now co-ordinating the ‘Skills Hub: Review, Redesign, Rebuild’ project, which is drawing on the expertise and input of staff from across LLS.

Presenter: Jonas House

Jonas House is a Research Assistant on the ‘Skills Hub: Review, Redesign, Rebuild’ project and a Customer Service Supervisor in the university library. He has a master’s degree in social research methods, in which he specialised in qualitative research.

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