REFlections (Supporting the REF… Reflections!)

2021 Conference » REFlections (Supporting the REF… Reflections!)

Dawn Hibbert

Workshop (1h)
9:45-10:45 (Parallel session 1)

The UON’s submission to REF2021 (Research Excellence Framework) was managed by the Head of Research Support, Library and Learning Services. Most libraries have some involvement in the REF, whether that is in the management of the institutional repositories that contain all the research outputs to be submitted to the REF, or at least the metadata for that research, with responsibility for “open access” to the ordering and purchasing of the physical books for the REF and digitisation of chapters.

With the submission to REF2021 on 31 March 2021 many staff within libraries breathed a collective sigh of relief, but are all too aware that we’ve already begun the next REF cycle and nobody wants to have those difficult conversations again about outputs not being eligible for submission due to that pesky open access requirement! Books that were bought but then discarded as a “better” output was finally published in time, open research statements for the environment, through to managing the whole process.

This session will provide a safe place for REFlections on the REF from a library perspective with particular emphasis on open research and dare I say it plans for the next REF!