Induction Investigation Workshop

2021 Conference » Induction Investigation Workshop

Kate Coulson
James Bywater
Darren Flynn
Paul Rice
Marlies Shepperdson

Workshop (1h30m)
2:15-3:45 (Parallel session 4)

LLS wanted to ensure that all new and existing students become familiar with the physical and virtual library (and learning) spaces. To achieve this aim, we designed and created a fun activity to engage students and introduce them to the Learning Hub through problem solving and undertaking some generic academic skills.

In Welcome Week 2019, an “Open The Box” activity was rolled out and over 700 new students completed it. All the engagement occurred with students in situ but online using their phone, tablet or laptop. We surveyed the participants to measure their experiences of the activity – their emotional response, whether they became familiar with the Learning Hub environment and their understanding of the Learning Services tools available to them and it was considered a great success

With the disruptions of COVID-19 it wasn’t possible to run the activity in person this academic year. Instead, our focus turned to the development of a 100% online escape room activity for the 2020 student induction (“Induction Investigation”). Unfortunately, only 79 students completed the activity and feedback was obtained by only a few people.

This session will give delegates an opportunity to complete the Induction Investigation in groups for themselves and provide them with an opportunity to feedback their thoughts, opinions and suggestions for academic year 2021.