Flipping NILE Guides: From task to tool in three steps (work in progress)

Iain Griffin

2016 conference


Download slides: PDF / Powerpoint

2016-5 Slide1Knowledge sharing is an activity through which knowledge, namely, information skills or expertise is exchanged between people within organisations (Charband and Navimipour, 2016). The Learning Technology team routinely consult on a wide range of technologies in person, online and through documentation. The variety of software available to enhance teaching has never been so broad or simple. Yet choosing the tool that best fits never more confusing.

2016-5 Slide37Traditionally, help guides are presented in an alphabetical menu. Find the software and follow the step-by-step tutorial: helpful if you know what the tool does. Using the wealth of data, examples and case studies gathered by the team, Learning Technology has flipped the solution; what is the task and objective? This needs-based approach has resulted in a new web portal: NILE Guides. Starting each user with their intended outcome, it refines to a recommended tool by answering three simple questions. Launching in Beta in Spring 2016, Iain Griffin will explain the concept of version 1.0 and whether analytics show increased use and understanding in software. Plus, how user trends can determine future versions of the website.


Charband, Y., and Navimipour, N., (2016) Online knowledge sharing mechanisms: a systematic review of the state of the art literature and recommendations for future research. In Information System Frontiers. Springer US. [page 1-21]. doi: 10.1007/s10796-016-9628-z.