Final Computing Session- E-Safety

My very very final post in computing this year will cover a very important topic which should be covered in schools- E-Safety. Last year, I also blogged about E-Safety however this year it has been revealed that E-Safety is an important aspect of the new National Curriculum under computing. I think this is extremely important, and I’m hoping that because it will now be statutory to teach about E-Safety that both children and teachers will be more aware of this issue, and report anything that they find to be suspicious. I felt it important to re-embed a video that I included in my blog post last year as I think it is a tool that can be used in schools and it is something that sums up the importance of internet safety well. The video can be found below:

Whilst the internet is a great tool that is often used both inside and outside of school, it is important that children know how to stay safe online. This is particularly true, with there being more and more horror stories on the news about cyber bullying and the frequency of this increasing. Last year I explored some tools, which I still believe to be relevant to help achieve safety online. The one I felt to be most effective was Hector the dolphin, which is a button that children can press if they feel unsafe or threatened when using the internet and an adult will come to help to rectify the problem.

As part of this post on e-safety I also decided to explore some links that had been outlined in the module handbook. The first of which was the CEOP (child exploitation and online protection) website which can be found at: CEOP are responsible for creating the video which can be found above. I found the website to be useful for providing teachers, parents/guardians and children with information about online safety. An image of the website can be seen below:

CEOP- e-safety session

A final web link I decided to explore was titled ‘cyber angels’ and the website can be found at: It is a very well known and respected website which is an education program about online safety. The website contains a lot of information for both teachers and parents/guardians about keeping children safe when using the internet. An image of the website can be seen below:

cyber angels- e-safety session

On my current placement, e-safety is a real focus as is spreading awareness about the dangers of using the internet and the importance of staying safe online. I took a photograph of one of the schools displays about e-safety including potential dangers and what to do if you see something which concerns you. An image of the display can be seen below:

e-safety poster

This concludes my blog posting for year 2! I have really enjoyed blogging this year, I feel that I have not only learnt a lot but I have also developed and refined my skills from my blog in my first year of my training, and hopefully this blog reflects that! I can’t wait to start blogging again in year 3!