Art Trip- National Gallery, London

This post is not directly related to either computing or RE however as a directed task for Art we had to look at a visit to an Art trip and the potential links for computing that this has. Unfortunately due to assignment deadlines I was not able to attend the trip to Compton Verney in November however in order to make sure that I was able to complete the tasks required I decided to visit the National Gallery in London. The reason for this is because it is a world famous gallery and I was also fortunate to visit the National Gallery as part of an Art trip when I was in primary school so I thought it would be great to visit again! My first was to document my visit using digital technology, I had planned to do this through taking photographs of the paintings that can be found in the National Gallery. However, visitors are not allowed to take photographs during visitor opening hours, only during the photography sessions can they be taken! A fact I was not aware of. Therefore during my time at the National Gallery I was unable to take photographs of the experience however photographs of the paintings can be found on the National Gallery website which can be found at the following web link: An image of the web site can be seen below:

National Gallery

Another task was to explore the website in detail and document any educational packs that are available to schools and reflect on how they could be used in schools. One resource that I found on the website which I really liked and could see myself using in school, was the primary teacher’s notes. I found this particularly useful for myself because my subject knowledge of paintings is not what it should be and therefore the teachers notes provides a basic introduction to the painting, as well as providing ideas as to how it could be used in the classroom and includes cross-curricular links to other subjects.

It is important to consider how a visit to the National Gallery may enhance both teaching and learning, I think this can be achieved as it allows children to experience art first hand, something they may never have the opportunity to experience themselves without an educational visit to a gallery. I also think that visiting the National Gallery also not only gives them the opportunity to experience art first hand but it also gives them the opportunity to learn about religion and culture.

My final task was to reflect on how the website encourages users to engage with both art and digital media. I think the National Gallery is an excellent example of how this can be achieved, as there are links on the website to a virtual tour, 360 degrees spin of each room (digital media). The website then encourages users to engage with the art through them being able to look at the paintings close up, and zoom in and out on them as well as to find out any information about the gallery.

To conclude, I found my visit to the National Gallery very inspiring and learnt a lot during my visit. If I had the opportunity it is definitely a place where I would take children to visit and experience the art and culture that can be found there.


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  1. I found this post very informative and it was extremely useful in giving me ideas on what I could look for when I visited an art gallery today! The National Gallery seems very interesting and I would be interested in visiting to see what it has to offer first hand. Thanks for sharing Laura!

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