Art Session 5 – The Stour Gallery


Posted by Katie | Posted in Art | Posted on January 4, 2014

This gallery displays Paintings, Modern Masters, Ceramics, Sculpture, Jewellery and Applied Arts from a range of different people.

A painting by Johanna Ashby caught my eye when I visited this gallery as it contains interesting colours, also I am quite into landscape pictures as well so that was another reason.

Johanna Ashby

I feel that children would relate to this picture in terms of describing what they can see, how it makes them feel, what they could hear etc. It’s a great painting to use to encourage children to explain the picture using their senses.

I have come up with a few questions that I could ask the children about the painting:

How does this painting make you feel?
How do you think the artist was feelings when they painted this?
What are your opinions on the colours used?
What does this painting represent?
What effect do the colours used have on the painting?

This painting can be used as an influence for the children’s own landscape pictures. For example, the teacher can take the children outside with digital cameras and they can take pictures of the landscape that they can see. Once the children are back to the classroom they can view their pictures and create a painting from what they can see. They must think about the colours, texture, shading etc. Completing the activity this way means that the children will all have a different painting as they will all be taking pictures at different angles. This will make it more interesting to look at if the work goes up on display.

Something else also caught my eye which will link well to this painting, the item that I saw was a sculpture of a bird created by Rachel Higgins. This links well because the painting focuses on landscapes and this sculpture focuses on nature. rachel higgins

The children can use this sculpture to influence their own sculptures. The children do not necessarily have to create a bird, they can create any other nature animals. Allowing children to create their own sculptures gives them the opportunity to explore a range of materials that they could use to create their own. For example: wire, cardboard, clay etc.



What I liked about this painting and this sculpture is that the focus links well together and they would influence children to create their own original work based on the examples provided. They both give a lot of freedom for teachers to use in a variety of ways and it gives the children the opportunity to explore with a range of materials.