Session 4 – Computing in KS1


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Unplugged activity 


unplugged activity

Plan for unplugged activity

  • A course will be set out in the hall consisting of obstacles that the children will need to climb over and duck under.
  • The children will have to construct instructions for their partner to go round the course when blindfolded.
  • In one session key terminology will be focused on: forward, turn, bend, sit, swivel ect. The children will write instructions (link to literacy) for their partner.
  • Next session will consist of one child being blind folded and the other to instruct them, then swap roles.
  • The idea of the instructions is the basics of programming; this will then progress to Bee Bots (plugged) and then Sat Nav activity (real life).

Plugged activity 

TTS product photography 04/10/05

This activity follows on from the unplugged activity where children produce instructions away from the computer. Using the Bee Bot robot allows children to program a robot to move around a pre-made course or a course that the children have made themselves. The activity can link into Literacy, as the children could write a set of instructions for the Bee Bot using time connectives. It also links nicely into Numeracy, as the children are using directions.




Hopscotch is an iPad app which is very similar to Scratch . It allows younger children to program characters to move around the page on the screen, it also allows the children to draw pictures with their characters. There are characters for the children to choose from at the beginning and these are more appropriate to key stage one children. The commands are very similar to Scratch, as they contain the same elements to program the character. 

Here is an example of my programmed character (this really didn’t take me long at all)

This is an extremely simple app to use and in my opinion I believe that children will absolutely love it! I advise the use of this app before moving the children on to scratch, as scratch is a lot more difficult.

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