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Posted by Katie | Posted in Religious Education | Posted on February 12, 2014

Within RE, ICT can be used in the following ways:

  1. Enhance teaching and learning – this is through using a range of technologies which cater for a range of learning styles and it also enables children to collaborate with others.
  2. Improve administration and planning – this is through using technology to share information and enhancing personal knowledge
  3. Improve assessment and reporting – this is through recording children’s achievement and progress and then communicating electronically with parents

The big question is why use ICT?

  •  Investigation
  • Be creative
  • Facilitate safe communication
  • Access authentic information, insights and resources
  • Bring the world of religion into the classroom
  • Select, critical use and interpretation of information
  • Help pupils to understand important/ complex ideas
  • Organise, record, report, communicate information
  • Enhance quality of presentations

Although ICT is argued to be extremely effective in the subject for all of the many reasons stated above, there is the major issue of keeping the children safe while they are online. This is known as E Safety. Within schools it is crucial to teach internet safety throughout every child’s education as this will ensure all children stay safe online.  To ensure this safety it is recommended to set rules for the children to follow. Even with these rules in place children may still be taken to unsafe websites when searching on google, therefore when using the computers within a lesson I recommend to provide children with a list of secure websites for them to type in and have a look at.

From looking at a range of websites I have found a few that can be used effectively within RE lessons for example:

In my opinion this is a good website for showing children that it doesn’t matter what Jesus looked like, but the importance is what he did. On the other hand, some of the images on this website of Jesus may offend Christians. This website would be a good choice if for example the children were comparing and contrasting pictures of Jesus or even when drawing their own interpretation of Jesus and annotating this with characteristics.

This website is great to use when linking the subject to art as you can choose a piece of art work from the website and use this as a stimulus for discussion. It is also great for appealing to the needs of all learning styles which will look great if Ofsted are watching. The negatives of this website is that it can miss out RE altogether as it is very art related. Also, it is a competition so it encourages winners and losers – this can be a good thing at times but maybe not within an RE lesson.

I found this website quite informative as it explained how schools can get involved with the charity, however this is aimed at more older children as its appearance is not child friendly. I have an issue with showing this to children as the pictures that they use on their website may scare the children. Also, even though this website is about muslim aid it does not mention anything about muslims. In my opinion this would only be used in the classroom as a starter for a volunteering project as it will give children an example of a volunteering charity.

There are many more websites that can be used in RE lessons which include: – places of worship – hindu gallery – digital stories – teaching Christianity

and there are many more!




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