Session 3 – Learning Beyond the Classroom


Posted by Katie | Posted in Computer Programming | Posted on February 8, 2014

This session consisted of exploring some of the resources that had been introduced to us to develop an activity using one of the themes of learning beyond the classroom.

We decided to create our own QR code, I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the use of QR codes nowadays due to the amount of QR code reader apps that are available to us to download on our smart phones/iPads/iPods etc. QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using QR reading devices or smartphones. QR codes are different to an ordinary barcode due to a barcode being a collection of vertical lines whereas QR codes have data stored in both directions.  These codes have the potential to have a major impact upon society through a variety of different ways. Using QR codes within a school environment allows children to learn through an interesting and engaging way as well as keeping them up to date with the technology today.

Below is a QR code that will take you to a youtube clip of the Creation story within religious education. To access this youtube clip the children will simply scan the QR code, the youtube clip will then appear on the screen. Once the clip has been viewed the children can then complete an activity that has been planned by their teacher – still having the clip available to view at the same time. 


An advantage of using QR codes with children is that you can not only use it in one subject, it can be used in a variety of subjects in many different ways. Below are some examples of ways you could use these with children effectively:

Physical Education – you can create a trail of QR codes for the children to follow, when the children scan each QR code it will give you the clue to find the next code. The teacher can challenge them to complete this in a certain time limit so the children have to be physically active to be able to complete this within the time. This will encourage children to be physically active as many will see this as competition. Completing this in groups will also improve communication and teamwork skills.

ICT – instead of giving children QR codes to scan, the children could create their own focusing on  a curriculum topic that interests them. This allows children to gain freedom in the choice that they make and gives them independence in their own learning.

History – the QR codes can take children to historical websites which contain virtual tours of historical buildings or artefacts. The children can use these as a focus for writing or any other activity or task that is prepared.

There are many other activities and subjects that QR codes can link into, however I have just given you a few examples in the effective use of them.

Personally, I would definitely use these with children as I think that they are an effective way to engage children in their learning. It also allows the children to improve their skills in the use of modern technology as this is a fast growing element in society nowadays.