Session 2 – Images and Animation


Posted by Katie | Posted in Computer Programming, Religious Education | Posted on February 7, 2014


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Animoto, it is  a software that allows you to create videos using pictures, text and music. The software has a selection of designs for you to select the one of your choice. You can then add in images and text and place in any order that you would like.

Animoto is something that can be used to introduce children to a new topic, or even as a summary at the end of a topic. As a teacher you could also incorporate this into your lessons by allowing the children to use this program themselves. They could create their own video using the information that they have found out from their own research and present this back to the rest of the class. They could also use this software at the end of a topic to summarise what they have learnt. This can be linked with any subject so it is great for cross-curricular links.

But, the point that you need to get across to the children is internet safety; making sure that the information that they are looking for on the internet is appropriate. Therefore, you could possibly write some appropriate websites up on the whiteboard so that they get their content from there instead.

Below are my creations using Animoto, try making your own, and let me know how it goes!


Prezi is a piece of software that can be used to display a presentation, it is a step up from powerpoint and you’ll be surprised to hear that you can sign up for free on the website. Creating a Prezi is really simple, firstly sign up on the website, click new prezi, select the frame that you would like, input your information (images, text etc), arrange the slides in the order you wish and click save. See simple as anything!

Below is the Prezi that I have created – this is based on the story of the Good Samaritan.

In my opinion, this is even greater than powerpoint as you do not have to go through the slides in one order, you can click on any slide that you would like to view and then click back to the home page whenever you like. This can be great when presenting your information to children as children will be intrigued due to the fact it is a different way of presenting key information to them. I believe that Prezi will work best with older children (KS2) as they can create their own to present information back to the rest of the class from their research into a topic. I’m sure children will find this software extremely easy to use as children pick things up pretty quickly nowadays.

Photo Peach

Photo Peach is a very simple piece of software which allows you to create a quiz. It allows you to input a variety of pictures and quiz questions into so that it can be used to test children’s knowledge of a certain topic. This will allow teachers to assess the effectiveness of their teaching as children should know the answers to the questions. If children struggle with them, this will provide teachers with the knowledge that they need to revisit a certain area of the topic. It is also a great way to assess children’s progress and allows for targets to be created from this.

Below I have created a Photo Peach based on the 6 keys religions and their symbols within RE. This would be used with the children as a consolidation activity once all 6 religions have been taught. It can be used as a great revision technique to prepare for an individual assessment which will follow at a later date.

This not only can be used for RE lessons, it can be used for any other subject or topic within the curriculum. I believe that this is a great piece of software which can be used effectively within lessons, whether that be for starters, plenaries, assessment purposes etc.