Session 1 – Manipulating Media


Posted by Katie | Posted in Computer Programming, Religious Education | Posted on February 6, 2014

Within this session we used two apps on the ipad to create two completely different outcomes.


The first app we looked at was iMovie, this consisted of making a movie trailor for anything you want to. This app gives you a pre-made template for you to follow, however you need to either take your own pictures or download pictures off the internet before hand and save these into your camera roll. Once you have completed this you can then start filling in your template and adding in your pictures to complete your movie trailor.

Here is our movie trailor, let me know what you think.

This app would most likely be used with key stage two children as it is quite fiddly, however once you get used to how the app works it then becomes quite simple. This app is effective for children as it allows for creativity and imagination to be used when choosing an idea. It also allows children to work together to create a group project and outcome.

On the other hand, this app could be used in key stage one in terms of creating a movie trailor for a story that they have been looking at. For example, the story that may be being looked at is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. This story would allow the children to create adventurous movie trailors with the assistance of other adults in the classroom.

Make Dice Lite

make dice lite

The second app that we looked at on the ipad was Make Dice Lite, this consisted of using a pre-made template which then asked you to add six items onto the dice.

make dice lite 3

We decided to create dice that can be used within a religious education lesson. On the first dice we put on each of the main six religions which are taught in primary schools (Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism). Whereas the second dice consists of festivals, dress, symbols, leaders/followers, beliefs and sacred text. This app allows you to have both completed dice on screen, the app can then be shook and the dice move. For example, if the dice lands on Christianity and Festivals, this means that the child who has rolled the dice must give an example of a christian festival.

Using this within an RE lesson consolidates the children’s learning of the aspects of the six main religions and provides evidence of individual children’s knowledge. Therefore, it is an effective means of assessment where the teacher can assess the child’s learning and then create targets for them to improve.


This app not only can be used for RE lessons, it can be used within any lesson and any topic of the National Curriculum but I just thought I’d give you a quick example of how it could be used.