RE Session 6 – Assessing and Reviewing Planning

As I have mentioned before, RE is not part of the national curriculum. It is part of the basic curriculum instead. Below I have displayed reasons why RE can be seen to be hindered by the fact that it is not regulated in the same way as other curriculum subjects, but also how it can be at an advantage because of that.

haAs teachers, we assess constantly and this is no different in RE.
Within our planning, we need to provide ample opportunities for children to display their achievements. Assessment can come in a range of forms:

  • Questions and answers
  • Talking
  • Listening
  • Role play
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Group work
  • Children writing their own questions
  • Giving feedback on research
  • Children explaining ideas
  • Sequencing
  • Hot seating
  • Peer assessment
  • Self assessment
  • 2 stars and a wish
  • Observing
  • Quiz
  • Tests

Within Attainment target 1, Learning About Religion, children will be assessed upon:

  • Beliefs, teachings and sources
  • Practices and ways of life
  • Expressing meaning

Within Attainment target 2, Learning From Religion, children will be assessed upon:

  • Identity, diversity and belonging
  • Meaning, purpose and truth
  • Values and commitments

Shown below are a range of reasons as to why we use assessment (although I’m sure you already know the reasons)


Below, I have assessed three pieces of work all at differing levels.

The first piece is an example of a child working at level 1
The picture shows how Jesus is lonely and his disciples are being rude by sleeping and showing a lack of concern. Due to the lack of vocabulary, the child cannot be given a level 2.level 1 cropped

This is an example of a child working at level 3

He has demonstrated his knowledge of key Christian symbols such as the cross, and has shown that he understands what each is a reminder of – ‘The cross reminds people of when Jesus died’. He has also identified Christian beliefs such as Jesus being ‘the Light’.level 3 cropped

This is an example of a child working at level 4

This child has demonstrated excellent knowledge of Jewish artefacts and practices and has also been able to compare as aspect of Judaism to Christianity. To push for a level 5, she needs to highlight further similarities and differences and go on to explain how religion may make a difference to someone’s life.

level 4 cropped 1level 4 cropped 2

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