I am ‘Pinspirational’

I love Pinterest.

I literally love everything about it. From the cuddley bunny photos all the way down to the stupid, self-centred inspirational quotes. It’s an addiction I just can’t shift. Recently, my most commonly posted on board is my board entitled: “I’m Getting Married!” – you can imagine what that board entails.

The website, despite the fact that it is one of the most confusing websites to get your head round within the 2 hours of registering, is an incredible source of inspiration (or as users seem to call it, Pinpiration) and the centre of all my brainstorming. When I say ‘brainstorming’, I actually mean ‘procrastinating’.

But all joking aside, it’s really helpful for interesting recipes, DIY and craft ideas and teaching stimulus! For example, if I want to teach a lesson on word classes, or most specifically adjectives (describing words) and verbs (words which suggest action or state), I could go either search ‘teaching adjectives and verbs’ or browse the ‘Education’ area through selecting it from the drop down menu. Et voila – stimulus and resources!

But admittedly, my main focus when using Pinterest is looking at cute fluffy things. Like baby bunnies. Like this little guy

Cuddley! Anyway, this is a link to my Pinterest site. It may or may not be useful to you, but who knows. Enjoy!

Anyway, end of post.


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