Hi – Jaz here!

Hey guys. It’s Jaz. Welcome to my blog. I can assure you it will be quite insightful, reflective on sessions I have attended at University and full of great ideas for ICT. Here are a three facts about myself before we get started:

1) I will be married on the 2nd of August 2014.

2) I love rabbits

3) For a long time, I pursued a career in the film industry, so I have a lot of background in video production. I initially wanted to be a video editor.

Here is another 5 facts about me, if you really wish to know them, which I told YouTube around about 5 or 6 years ago, in video form.

Hopefully, you will see little (more EDUCATIONAL!!) videos popping up on this blog.

Anyway, on the subject of ICT, I don’t tend to use Windows computers, unless I’m online gaming. Normally, I use a MacBook Pro. It has 120gb of space, but is pretty much full of huge video files, and RAW image files I’ve taken on my D-SLR camera. I tend to use laptops a lot, and in the past have done temping based on computers in office environments, and working from home.

I have a lot of experience on the Microsoft Office package, the Adobe package (including InDesign, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator) and am fully proficient with Final Cut Pro packages, and Motion. I am pretty computer literate in general, and really enjoy learning new programs on the computer.

I hope to use all of these skills in all of my teaching.

Here is a link to my Pinterest site for teaching resources:


Here’s a picture of my bunny, Barney:

See ya around



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