Session 5: Mobile Technologies: curriculum applications

Last week we had fun with the iPads exploring apps such as Morfo Booth, PuppetPals, Talking Ben, Furry Friend, VideoScribe and Explain Everything, all of which work with iMovie. We also looked at getting out and about with technology using QR codes. Here’s a selection of your fabulous VideoScribes and iMovie Trailers:


iMovie trailers

This week we are going to think about curriculum applications for some of these techniques. You’ll work in groups to produce a mobile technology resource, curriculum plan or set of materials for using mobile devices.  Here are some suggestions:

  • A maths trail, treasure hunt or media walk on an environmental theme.
  • Make a movie trailer for the School of Education.
  • Use Talking Ben to introduce a lesson theme (example).
  • Use Videoscribe (iPads) to make a presentation or story.
  • Document the use video techniques: Morfo 3D, Videoscribe, GreenScreenMovie FX.
  • Create a selection of videos for use with Early Years.
  • Plan a media day for a chosen year group.
  • Plan a literacy or maths trail using QR codes and manipulated photos.
  • Use iMove to make book trailers and turn into QR codes to stick in books.
  • Create a QR code webquest.
  • Make a set of maths ‘how tos’ and link to a QR code page for homework help.
  • Make QR Stations to encourage self-directed learning (e.g. lego challenges).
  • Make books interactive using QR codes (example).
  • A media walk on an environmental theme.
  • Make a set of Early Years getting-started guides and templates. 
If you’d like to take these ideas further, here are a couple of how-tos on using the green screen with the iPad to superimpose still or moving images on top of one another. The cross-curricular possibilities of this technique are endless: imagine being able to transport your class anywhere!  They could, for example, go on safari in Tanzania, be tour guides in Ancient Rome, report news from Afghanistan, explore the solar system, stand on the rim of a volcano, or explain how a virus attacks a cell.  All you need is a green screen, the right software and a camera!