Session 6: Blogfolios

Our last session already!
Gareth, Ellie and I have so enjoyed exploring the topics of computing and iPads with you all. You have combined tools and techniques in many innovative ways, and we have been hugely impressed by your enthusiasm and creativity.
Here’s a selection of videos from last week:

This week we will spend some time responding to each others’ blogs, solving problems and adding finishing touches. Here’s a checklist and some guidance about the assessment:

Blog checklist and assessment guidance

We’ll also be asking you to complete a questionnaire so that we can evaluate the use of blogfolios. This information will help us improve the course and share our experiences with other practitioners. Your involvement is much appreciated. Thank you!

We hope that some of you will carry on blogging and sharing your thoughts on twitter.


3 thoughts on “Session 6: Blogfolios

  1. I agree George, there are some fantastic resources that have be made by members of our groups, and ones I will use in the classroom to show children when teaching.

  2. Its lovely to see some of the videos that we have been working on in the last couple of weeks, and i think not only have we had fun with them, but now we know how to use them and we can effectively use them in our own teaching next on placement. 🙂

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