Session 3: Computing: curriculum applications

What a fantastic crop of resources from everyone last week!  We were bowled over by how creative you all were and how you went off in so many different directions with the programming tools.

So this week should be really exciting. You’ll work together to make a computing resource and curriculum plan to present to the group.

Examples might be:

  • Prepare some ‘complete the challenge’ resources for the Early Years.
  • Plan a creative computing day for a Key Stage.
  • Design a project for older pupils to design games for younger pupils.
  • Use 2DIY to create an interactive activity on a curriculum theme.
  • Make an animated scene in Scratch to illustrate a habitat (example).
  • Design a simple computer game and document the process e.g.
  • a bat and ball game in Scratch (video guide).
  • an Angry Birds style game in Scratch (example).
  • a racing car game in Scratch (example).
  • Make a set of examples and how-to demos to go with the Scratch Design Studio activities.
  • Create a Kodu game based on Pong, Pacman or Space Invaders.
  • Design and write descriptions of your own worlds in Kodu (examples).

Finally, here’s a little more from me about beginning programming resources, including a really simple iPad app, Daisy the Dinosaur:


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