Disabled Cartoonist

“A young male wearing a yellow t-shirt and driving a power wheelchair with a large bulldozer fitted to the front of it is running into several large signs on stands. On the signs are printed ‘Environmental barrier’, ‘Attitudinal barrier’ and ‘Information barrier’. Alongside of him is a male wearing dark glasses and holding a large sledge hammer over his shoulder. The chair user is saying: “The only way is to smash them all down

Dave Lupton – A UK Disabled cartoonist

Highlights the lack of opportunity for Disabled people with regard to societal barriers and rights issues. He states that his cartoons show a “absurdity” of many situations.

His cartoons relate to many topics including accessibility, education, health, equality, media, transport and many more.

URL: http://www.crippencartoons.co.uk/gallery.shtml



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