German documentaries – negative examples

The big world of small people

Small people, big world!

In the last 2 years, two “documentaries“ about people of short stature were broadcast in Germany on two different channels. One is called “The big world of small people” and the other “Small people, big world!”. (Unfortunately, you cannot access any trailer or youtube-video in England.)

Both have to be seen as absolutely terrible examples of media representation. The characters are portrayed as cute little things, far away from authentic depictions. In particular, the topic is ridiculed by the choice of music (e.g. “Don’t bring me down”), horrible puns, and disreputable b-celebrities contributing to the sense of tasteless, cheap showmanship.


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on “German documentaries – negative examples
One Comment on “German documentaries – negative examples
  1. It’s interesting to get an international perspective on this topic. From what you have seen, is this a typical representation of disability in German media? I’ve certainly seen similar “cute” representations, particularly of dwarves, on UK television in the past but I wouldn’t say it’s indicative of the way they’re depicted as a whole.

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