Actors with Disability – Tracy Beaker and Glee

There has always been debate about wether individuals with diabilities should be actors. some arguements include that they ‘do not know what is happening’ or ‘will be descriminated against’. In my personal opinion, it is descriminating to tell someone they cannot be an actor/actress because they have a disability.







Below are two examples of diabled actors. One if Frank Matthews from Tracy Beaker Returns, He is a young boy with cerebral palsy and in my opinion one of the most real life characters in the programme. There was outrage at first when this new series was aired, parents were angry that their children were viewing a disabled child on tele.

The second example is of Becky Jackson from Glee, she has Downs Syndrome. She plays the assistant of Sue Sylvester possibly most hated character, when she was first introduced to the programme again there was a lot of controversy, even within the show itself with other teahers in the school thinking there was a cruel motive to making the young girl a Cheerio. However she plays a brilliant character full of wit and in my opinion makes the show brilliant.

Two examples of actors with disabilities, and both, i feel, are amazing actors! why should someone be told they cannot pursue the career they want because of a disability they may have?

Giordan x

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