Jamie Brewer (star of American Horror Story: Coven) Interview

Jamie Brewer Interview – American Horror Story: Coven

Jamie Brewer is an American up-and-coming actress who has starred in 2 seasons of anthology series American Horror Story. Jamie has Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) but this is not really referenced positively or negatively in the show, it is merely incidental to her character. To me, this is exactly the kind of representation of disability that the media (especially television and film) needs more of – actors and characters who have disabilities that are not their sole defining characteristic.


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  1. This is a completely different portrayal of Down Syndrome compared to “Glee” . Lauren Potter, who plays Becky Jackson in one episode enters the school with a gun, in another episode she runs round the school smashing up school equipment.


    It seem that Fox is trying to make sure that Becky is not just seen as the Down Syndrome girl, but i think they have gone too far and by writing the gun story could create a negative image of those with Down Syndrome.

  2. One of the most interesting things to compare here is that not only are the two shows owned by the same media company (American Horror Story airs on FX, owned by Fox) but they are also controlled by the same showrunners – Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

    I’ve found nothing that suggests the network or the writers/casting directors are actively attempting diverse casting in terms of disability but it does seem like more than just a coincidence, especially given the lack of portrayals elsewhere.

    That said, the article you posted about Kevin McHale’s character seems to refute that, as casting an able-bodied actor in the role of a person with a disability is a step backwards.

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