Welcome to the Induction Investigation

Hello, and welcome to The Induction Investigation!

This is a cooperative experience that will guide you to a few of the sites and services the University provides through a series of puzzles and riddles, all leading to a Final Challenge. Select the challenges from the menu, they can be done in any order, and each task will end with you finding a keyword.

You may find it helpful to take notes as you are going. It is important that you record the task name and keyword for each, as you will need these for the Final Challenge.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Don’t be afraid to use the clues! There are clues available on the Take a Clue page if you would like them.
  • Bookmark the important pages as you go, they will be useful for later. There is a guide to bookmarking webpages to help you do this.
  • Once you have finished a challenge and written the keyword you can close the pages and PDF’s so that you don’t have too much open at once.
  • Some of the puzzles may take you a few minutes to figure out, talk to each other and try approaching the puzzles from a few different angles… Please use the hints and clues available if you get stuck and would like a little guidance.

Good luck and, most importantly, have fun! 😊

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