Participant recruitment can begin and reading continues

Tereza and I have been liaising with colleagues in the university about contacting potential participants for the study. We have been keen to ensure that we are GDPR and Data Protection compliant. We will shortly be sending out information letters about the project and hope that a large number of potential participants will come forward as we are very keen to find out the experiences of the Deaf/HI students at the University.


Watch the digital screens around campus as information about the project should be showing now.


Tereza and I are continuing to share information about the project with colleagues in the wider university and there seems to be a lot of interest and motivation from people to find out more. We are still trying to find and read other research on this topic which continues to be challenging!

Experiences of Deaf and Hearing Impaired Project Update – January

After a long Christmas holiday Helen and I returned full of energy and ready for action. Since then, we put together our ethics form, participant letter of consent and have completed thorough literature searching to re-confirm what we already knew: the information on the topic of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Higher Education is limited and, as a result, the voices of those students need to be strengthened through any possible means. We are proud that one of those will be our research. 

While we are waiting for the Ethics panel to complete their review, we will continue to modify our interview questions, conduct our pilot study and read relevant literature. Once our research has been approved, the information will be passed on to Student Records who will be forwarding our request for voluntary participation in our research to relevant students. We are hoping that many will come forward so as to enable us to put a rigorous and informative research review together. Our research will aim to improve the student experience for UoN students that are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and enrich the understanding of members of staff to adapt their approach and include the perspective of this student population. Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your views.

Helen and Tereza