Go Pro Hide and Seek


Giving and following instructions to find a hidden object using a head mounted camera to relay images to an iPad.  

Suitable for:

Any age

What you need:

  • A soft toy or person to be a captive to rescue.
  • A set of laminated coloured shapes to act as clues.
  •  A head mounted Go Pro camera and app on an iPad.

 What you do: 

Design a plan using the shapes in an outdoor space.

In groups of 3 taking turns as rescuers or instructors, children give instructions to rescue the captive by finding the clues in the correct order.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 21.55.28

Make sure that the instructors are unable to see the rescuers.  They should be equipped as follows:

Rescuers GoPro Camera with Headstrap harness
Instructors iPad with GoPro App and plan of correct route.

Ensure that the GoPro camera is fitted safely and comfortably on one of the rescuers.  The instructors face in the opposite direction and direct through the route whilst monitoring progress through the GoPro app on the iPad. If successful they will rescue the captive.

Learning benefits:

Collaboration and team-work are a key feature of this activity. Links to a story may offer pupils an opportunity to take part in a role-play exercise.  There are opportunities to explore shapes and directional instructions.

Taking it further:

Link the activity to rescue stories such as Rapunzel with the coloured shapes as gems.