Fairy Food

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To create Elf and Fairy Food

Suitable for:

EYFS and KS1

What you need:

IPad or digital camera, natural materials

Online link: A Fairy’s World Pinterest collection by Renda Lutz

What you do:

Take a look at A Fairy’s World Pinterest collection, and search google image Fairy Art. Talk about the importance of looking after our ‘Fairy Folk’ and create Elf and Fairy Food. Take photographs and create a group collection of images. These might be shared on Pinterest, Picasa or Flickr and used to make digital artefacts using online tools and apps, for example:

Learning benefits:

Physical development as children use their fine motor skills to carefully place plates and dishes of fairy food; creative development as children imagine the types of foods fairy folk might eat; ICT as children use technology to research and record their learning; speaking and listening skills as ideas are verbalised and shared with others.

Taking it further: 

Stories or films relating to fairy folk can be made and shared at a ‘Fairy Folk’ event.

Images from A Fairy’s World Pinterest collection by Renda Lutz
An example of storytelling with PuppetPals from students Hayley Elley, Sarah Battams and Hayley Hughes: