Puppets in the Woods

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Story telling in the woods using puppets made of natural materials

 Suitable for:

EYFS, KS1 and KS2

What you need:

A natural theatre (made from a natural space), sticky eyes, tape, string, felt pens, scissors, leaves, wood, mud and sticks.

What you do:

Within your natural theatre set the children to work finding natural resources with which to make puppets. Let the children create their own characters and then work together to create stories. Use iMovie projects or trailers to record the plays. The youngest children will ad lib their story lines, whilst the older children will be able to plan and develop their story lines further.

Learning benefits:

Children will use develop confidence and self-esteem as they introduce their ideas. They will develop socially as they collaborate with friends to write and devise story lines. Speaking and listening will be developed alongside literacy as they develop their plays. Children’s creativity and imagination will be developed through the expressive arts and design opportunities.

Taking it further: 

Hold screenings of the movies and invite a range of audiences.  Audiences could include parents and families, older or younger key stages.

An example of an iMovie trailer using puppets outdoors: