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Uses for ICT in Other Subjects

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So far, in our first and second years of university, we have had the chance as a group to see many different ways of using ICT in all subject areas. I have found a few examples of websites and videos to show how ICT may be used in other subject areas.     I have […]

Ofsted & ICT in schools

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In my spare time I decided to have a look at what Ofsted thought about ICT and how it is and can be used in schools. Click on this link – ICT in schools 2008-2011 to view the document that I read. From reading this report I can see that Ofsted believe that ICT is a specialist […]

Session 1 – Year 2!

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So today we had our first session of ICT in our second year! Although it feels like a long time since we had ICT in our first year, I am pleased to say that I didn’t forget everything that we had learnt! This year we only have 3 sessions of ICT which although does not […]