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Vision Statement

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“ICT is now an integral element of 21st century life. Whether used for learning, social reasons or communication, ICT will form a powerful part of the life of the students ahead.” (Northumberland Academy, 2014). The statement above is what sums up ICT in this century for me. It is clear to see that ICT is […]

Developing a Vision – Session 5 and 6

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Session 5 and session 6 were our final sessions of ICT and we had these put together so that we were able to complete our blog before the deadline which meant that we would have all of the information that we need. We began by looking at useful websites to use within the classroom which […]

Useful Cross Curricular ICT Programs/Apps

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Please fill in some ideas on my answer garden about any useful cross curricular applications you have seen! What useful cross curricular programs/apps have you seen?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

ICT Across the Curriculum – Session 4

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This session was based around using ICT as a cross-curricular subject and not just an isolated subject. We discussed as a group the ways in which we can or have embedded ICT into our own learning and into lesson plans to teach children. It turns out that a lot of us had done this without […]

Creative Computing – Session 3

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This session gave us the opportunities to look at the new computing section within the curriculum for both Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. I was looking forward to this session as I feel that the knowledge I already had about the computing curriculum was not enough to make me feel confident about going into […]

Finishing Our Story Trailer & Mobile Devices – Session 2

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We began this session by looking at a presentation made using Prezzi. I really liked the programme Prezzi because it looked simple to use but made a good effect to show a power point. By looking at this presentation we were able to see many different apps that could support children with all different areas […]

My last blog post… for now!

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  I am now at placement and I am looking forward to seeing the ways in which ICT can be used in Early Years settings. I am based in a reception class and so I hope that I will be able to see the many ways in which ICT is embedded into the children’s learning. […]

Session 3 – Sharing our resources

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So, the session that everybody had been waiting for was here, time to show our videos! Before this though, we had some time to finish recording and editing anything that we needed to. For my group, it was time to record the final video that we would show to everybody at the end of the […]

How to use Puppet Pals

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After our last session when we had to decide what program to use to create our video, I had a look on youtube to see if there was any tutorials on how to use Puppet Pals as this is the program we decided we thought would be best. This video is a detailed and easy […]

Answer Garden on useful Ipad Apps for Children

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This answer garden is based on what apps people think children will find useful to use on the Ipads. I have started off with a couple of ideas based on creating movies. Please feel free to add some answers!     What useful Apps have you seen for children to use on the Ipads?… at […]

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