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ICT Across the Curriculum – Session 4

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This session was based around using ICT as a cross-curricular subject and not just an isolated subject.

We discussed as a group the ways in which we can or have embedded ICT into our own learning and into lesson plans to teach children. It turns out that a lot of us had done this without actually realising that we had.

ICT is used a lot in everyday life now and many children will come into schools with the knowledge on how to use computers, Ipads and other pieces of technology.

We looked at some ways in which ICT can be used to retell or create your own stories which could be a good link for Literacy.

2Create a Story is a very easy and simple to use program that children of all ages can access in order to create or recreate a story that they know. The children are able to add or draw their own pictures on a blank page using different paint brushes and colours from the tool bar down the side. Once the children have drawn their picture they can then write what is happening underneath. I think this is really good as it can be used as an activitiy that can be differentiated really well across all abilities.

Another useful program for story telling is I can Animate. This allows you to take your own pictures on the ipads and put them into a program which then links the pictures together to make them move. It is slightly more advanced but children could work in groups to use this program. 

We also looked at ways in which you could embed ICT into Geography lessons. My favourite way of doing this was by using Google Maps or Google Street View. I think that the children would really enjoy searching for where they live or places that they know and would find it interesting to zoom in and out of the word so that you can also see the satellite pictures. You could ask the children where they want to visit and take them there to look around using street view.

After looking at some of the above examples we were told about a website called Infant Encyclopedia. This website is such a useful website as all you have to do is type in the topic or subject area you are working on and it will bring up different ICT activities for you to try out and use with your class using either the computers, Ipads or interactive whiteboards.

We then went on to look at QR Codes. These are codes that you can scan with a device such as a mobile phone or Ipad. By scanning them they can take you to different places on the internet. I liked the idea of this as I could see how you could use them for independent activities in different subjects. We paired up again and had to choose a topic to create QR Codes on so that the other people in our class could access what we had done. I paired up with Sophie again and we decided to do our QR Codes about Minibeasts. We created the QR Codes using a QR Code maker online and then all you have to do is copy and paste the link into what you want to make your QR Code take you to. We put ours on an A4 sheet in the shape of a butterfly and thought that for an independent activity the children could scan the codes using the Ipads and then take part in the activities that they took them to. We also shared the resource below on the Community Page so that other people could access it to use when teaching.

I think this session was really fun and interesting as it gave me ideas that I had never though of doing before. It allowed me to find out what QR Codes were and I will definitely be using these in my school experience!

Further Reading:

Seymour Papert – 8 Big Ideas

The 8 Big Ideas that Seymour Papert has are:

1) Learning by doing

2) Technology as a building material

3) Hard fun – learning best when enjoying what we are doing.

4) Learning to learn

5) Taking time to do the job

6) You can’t get it right without getting it wrong

7) If you get it wrong try again – give others the chance for this

8) Entering a digital World

I found all of the above statements very true to teaching and very useful. I believe that by reading through the statements it can help you to become a better and more supportive teacher and this is because it has all of the basics to make you teach children in ways that they will enjoy and try their best at. The last point mentions the digital world. Technology is beginning to take over and many children will need the skills to use ICT for their future and therefore it is extremely important that they have these opportunities in school incase they are unable to access these at home.

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