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Developing a Vision – Session 5 and 6

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Session 5 and session 6 were our final sessions of ICT and we had these put together so that we were able to complete our blog before the deadline which meant that we would have all of the information that we need.

We began by looking at useful websites to use within the classroom which contained a wide variety of activities for children of different ages. The main 2 that we looked at were Education City and Help Kidz Learn. By clicking on the links you will be able to access these websites.

Education city was a brilliant website to use. It is very diverse and has such a wide range of activities on the site for every topic. I tried out some of the activities and they were very simple and easy to use. I will definitely be trying this website out in my next placement.

My favorite out of the 2 websites was Help Kidz Learn and this is because although they already supply you with lots of different activities for supporting children’s learning and development they also allow you to make your own. I did have a go at this and it was very simple to do and made a really good activity to use in the classroom but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the activity I created! I also liked this website as it has the chance for children to use ‘switches’ instead of a mouse. This is very good for children with SEN as it does not take as much control and use of your fine motor skills to use the switches. You can use a switch to navigate around the page by clicking it until its on the button you want to select and use the other switch to select what you have chosen. A picture of some switches are below.

After looking at these websites we went on to look at how we can use ICT to support assessment. I had seen my mentor in my previous placement start to bring this in to her assessment and it worked really nicely so I was excited to see how this would go.

We looked at a program called 2 build a profile. There is a youtube video below which outlines how you can use this effectively.

I really like this idea of using ICT for assessment as I believe it is an easier and quicker way to observe children. By using this you are able to take a picture of what a child is doing, add it straight to their profile and then write a comment about it. I really think that this is a more suitable way and it is also very easy to share this with parents.

We then went on to look at Pinterest. Pinterest is a fab way of collecting ideas for anything such as displays, outdoor learning ideas and many more. All you have to do is search for the topic you are interested in and lots of information and pictures will come up on this topic. If you sign up for an account you can then collect all of these together to keep as a log for future reference. I had never heard of pinterest before so i signed up and thoroughly enjoyed looking for ideas for my next school experience!

I found this session on the websites extremely useful and very helpful as I was not aware of these sites before the session. I had fun using these and will definitely consider using these in my next school experience. I really like the way that the activities can be differentiated for children and that they are suitable for primary school children.

Further Reading:

My Outdoor ICT Examples – http://a-little-crafty.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/homemade-i-spy-book.html

This reading was simple but very useful to see how children can use ICT both in the classroom and at home but then also have a physical product that they can look at anytime they want to which was originally produced on an Ipad.

The article talks about how you can make an I-Spy book for children to hold and flick through and read but it is made using ICT resources. The book is made using an Ipad but could also use just cameras or any other piece of ICT equipment. It allows the children or adult to take pictures of anything that they want to include in the book which is perfect for all children to be able to take part in. After collecting together lots of interesting pictures it explains how they can then be either printed out or stay on the Ipad to create a book. By adding simple words or phrases the children then have a book suitable for their ability to sit and read through that they have contributed to.

I think this is a really good way of getting each child in the class involved. If they do not think they are able to write a word or sentence for the book then they can at least take a picture of something that they want to contribute to the book and this will boost their self esteem as they will be able to view the finished product.

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