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Year 3 – Session 1

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So here we are in our first session of ICT in our last year of uni! I am looking forward to my ICT sessions this year and cannot wait to find more ways to embed the use of ICT into my lessons during school experience and my career.

We started by talking about all of the different apps that we knew and how we could use them. We went on to look at story telling using different apps and technology such as a light box, green screens, telegami and various different ipad apps.

This was very useful as I had not thought about using ICT to tell stories or recreate stories before. Helen explained to us that we would have to use some of the devices from the starter in order to create a story book or trailer of our choice.

felt board


We then went off in groups to create a story using one of the apps/technology that we had spoken about. Me and my  partner Sophie decided to use Felt Board to create scenes from the little red riding hood and then put these into  Imovie to create a trailer for the story. Felt Board is a very easy app to use and it already has lots of different images  that you can select to go onto different backgrounds which then allows you to create a story by selecting different  pages. I think you could definitely use this application witch children, starting from the Foundation Stage as it is quick  and simple to view and save children’s work.





We then went on to begin to put our felt board images into Imovie to create a movie trailer. We had to select the  theme that we wanted our imovie to be based on and we chose a scary trailer to add our captured felt board    images to.  In the next seesion of ICT we will begin to edit our movie trailer to make it perfect. We will have to add captions to explain what the movie is about and find out how to snip parts of the movie so that it is the correct length.




Also in the next session, after finalizing our story we will hopefully be able to upload it to youtube so that it can be shared with everyone. Keep an eye out for Little Red Riding Hood with a twist!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this first session back and found that i could be very creative using some of the apps that were introduced to us. I would definitely use Imovie and Felt Board with children in schools as I believe they can really add their own touch to a piece of work by using these.

Further Reading:

Play in Education – www.theguardian.com/teacher-network/teacher-blog/2013/feb/27/play-education-creative-learning-teachers-schools

I found this article by the guardian a very interesting piece of writing with a lot of useful information. It discusses how whether or not people believe that learning through play can help the teachers to get the children to reach the formal goals that they are required to reach. This could be for example, the early learning goals in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

It goes on to discuss how although there is a lot of play seen in the early years, as you move up through the key stages, play seems to die down and as you move into secondary school there is hardly any play seen at all. From my own experience I can remember that during school once I started to attend my secondary school a lot of the work was through books and if we happened to have a ‘fun’ based lesson that would be the lesson that I would feel I gained information from and learnt from as well as enjoying myself so I personally think that play should not be completely stopped but maybe adapted to the age of the children instead as this can sometimes keep children more engaged.

The article suggests that teachers may not want to take the risks in letting children play as this can put them under stress as they have targets to meet. This can be seen to be true as teachers have a lot of targets and expectations and therefore may sometimes chooses to do things “safely” in order to save time and ensuring the children are learning exactly what they specifically need to know.

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November 7, 2014 @ 5:32 pm   Reply

I really enjoyed using the felt board app! I loved that fact that the accessories for the different characters automatically adapted to the size of the character, this made it really easy to quickly produce characters for the different scenes!

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