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Finishing Our Story Trailer & Mobile Devices – Session 2

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We began this session by looking at a presentation made using Prezzi. I really liked the programme Prezzi because it looked simple to use but made a good effect to show a power point. By looking at this presentation we were able to see many different apps that could support children with all different areas of their development. These included:

  • iMovie
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Little Writer
  • Play 123
  • Scribble My Story

Here is an example of Doodle Buddy and a video to show you how it can be used and the different features of it.

We had the chance to look at these apps and I found it very useful to be able to see how I could use these in school settings.

After looking at and comparing these apps we went to finish our story trailer from last week. We opened up the Imovie app and looked back at our video. We decided that to make it more effective we needed to add some more pictures and writing.

We went back into the Felt Board app to see if we could create any more pictures. This was quick and easy to do so did not take up a lot of our time. We added the new pictures into our Imovie trailer and began to add captions to talk about the trailer and what will be coming up. After we had done this we decided that some bits of the trailer were a bit too long so we used the snipping tool to shorten these parts.

This is what our final trailer looked like. We hope you enjoy it!


We were very pleased with our video and managed to upload it to youtube so that we can search for it and view it at anytime we like. We also really enojyed watching what the other groups had created.

Further Reading:

Learning and Creating with Ipads in Kindergarden

This was a really nice piece of further reading that was suggested to us and we had also had a chance to watch this video within one of our sessions. It shows how the children enjoy and benefit from the ipads that they have available to them. It is really interesting to see all of the information that children have found out about butterflies especially when they have used the Ipads to gain this information.

After finding the information it also shows you how they use the Ipads to store this information and use what they have learnt to create different things using different applications on the Ipads all about butterflies.

It is definitely worth watching this video as it enables you to see from a first hand point of view the benefits of using technology in the classroom!

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November 5, 2014 @ 5:11 pm   Reply

I really enjoyed watching your trailer…though it was a bit scary! I think iMovie is a great app and really versatile, this would be good to introduce the topic of fairytales or a focus on this book.

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