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Uses for ICT in Other Subjects

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So far, in our first and second years of university, we have had the chance as a group to see many different ways of using ICT in all subject areas. I have found a few examples of websites and videos to show how ICT may be used in other subject areas.




I have seen many ways of using ICT in an Art lesson. In our art sessions at university this year, we have looked at ways to use the Ipads when teaching art to children. The children are able to use the Ipads to take pictures of each others work and also their own work as a way of recording what they have done. This also gives the class teacher the opportunity to assess their work using the Ipads. They can also be used to take pictures of objects or areas outside so that the children can come back into the classroom and use different artistic styles to recreate what they have taken a picture of. There are also programs and apps available on the Ipads to support children with their art work. Drawing Free is a free app on the Ipad that allows children to draw using 36 different colours. It is a blank canvas so that children can draw what ever they like. It is a good use of childrens fine and gross motor skills. Another app is Kids Doodle. This app has a blank canvas that children can change the colour of. There are many different pens such as dotty ones, swirly ones and brightly coloured ones.


ICT can also be used in Communication, Language + Literacy and also Phonics. I have seen many useful websites which have really good games for children to use when learning phonics. Phonics Play is a website with games, resources and ideas for all children to have a go at as it covers all of the phases of phonics. I have seen this website used in schools and it has been very successful. The children are having fun and learning at the same time. The Family Learning organisation website is also very useful as it has a lot of links to different games and activities for children to use and extend their literacy and phonics knowledge. The activities from both of these websites can be used either on computers, laptops and interactive whiteboards. This is a really great way to get all of the children involved. ICT resources such as cameras and Ipads can also be used to record children’s work such as if they were to act out a story or different scenes of a story. It allows the children to watch themselves back and also the teacher can assess them by watching the videos over again and concentrating on each individual child.


123There are also many ways to get children playing maths games using ICT. This is yet another exciting way for children to learn. I have seen in many placements, teachers using different games on the interactive whiteboards to get all of the children involved. Click here to see how some schools use ICT to encourage children to enjoy and learn maths.





There are so many different ways to use ICT resources in lessons, and I believe that it is important to include ICT in different subject areas as there is more and more modern technology coming out.




February 23, 2014 @ 3:00 pm   Reply

These are some really good ideas for using ICT in a cross curricular way.



March 10, 2014 @ 5:57 pm   Reply

I agree with you in using interactive whiteboards as a fun way for the children to be involved it can be a great way for children to apply what they have learnt and show they have understood. Sometimes it is nice not to write all the time!

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