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Session 3 – Sharing our resources

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So, the session that everybody had been waiting for was here, time to show our videos!

Before this though, we had some time to finish recording and editing anything that we needed to.

For my group, it was time to record the final video that we would show to everybody at the end of the session. So off we went, using Puppet Pals.

This application was such an easy one to use and we made our video using these simple steps:

  1. Find the app and open it on the ipad.
  2. Select to create a video.
  3. Choose your characters by either finding them on google images or taking a picture yourself. (we did this with Emma as she wanted to be the Grandma in the story!)
  4. Cut around your character so you only have the face, body or whatever part of the picture that you need.
  5. Select a suitable background. (we chose a lake for ours.)
  6. Place the characters you need onto the stage and press record!

Once recording, you are able to move the pictures around the background by simply dragging them with your finger around the page and on and off of the stage when you need to. Whilst moving the pictures, you are able to talk to record your voice. We had great fun doing this as we each had a character to make up a voice for.

And here is our final video..

I hope you enjoyed that!

As well as making a video we also had to think of an activity for children to take part in that will link with the story and video. For this, our group decided to use the Smart Notebook to create a small and simple activity for children to take part in. Here is a screenshot of what we did…

ugly duck


This was a basic background of a pond/lake scene with the characters from the story. The children had to move the characters to where they would live. For example, Ducks in the water and Grandma on land. This is aimed at nursery or reception aged children. To extend this there were also the names of the characters that the children could use if they found just using the pictures too easy.

I really enjoyed this session, and I loved seeing everybody’s final resources at the end of the session. Well done everybody!


This session was so much fun! Making the resource was both amusing and useful at the same time. We were able to see how easy it would be to teach children to make a short story or film using apps on the Ipads. Looking at everybody’s resources at the end of the session was very enjoyable and it gave everybody the opportunity to show how much work they had put in, working as a team, and allowed everyone to get ideas for useful apps and techniques to help teach children. I now feel a lot more confident with using different apps on the Ipads and know how to tell if one will benefit what I am trying to do and if it will have the right outcome for what I originally chose to use it for. I will definitely be looking for an opportunity to use what I have learnt from my ICT sessions on my next school experience.


Further Reading

iPads/iPods as an observation tool in the EYFS by Miss Leigh

I found this reading interesting as it explains the ways in which Early Years teachers can use Ipads to observe children and track their progress and what they have been doing. The tool that this blog mentions to use is called 2simple Early Years.

2 simple┬áThis blog post says that the tool is easy to use and all you have to do to begin with is add each child’s name to the system and a picture of them for their own profile. You are then ready to use this ipad application to take pictures and record videos of the children’s work and what they are doing to add to their profiles and the program will keep all of these. It allows you to write about the picture or video which is good for the tracking of each child. This blog post also mentions that this app allows you to select the age band of the child and the part of the development matters of which you think a particular area of their learning is linked to. By doing this, the statement and picture/video are automatically linked to the child’s profile for the staff and parents to look back at easily when they want to.

If the ipads were to  break then the post explains that if you have paid for the app then the work will not be lost as it is backed up on the system which can then be accessed once you have a new ipad.

I found this reading very interesting and would definitely try using a program such as 2simple Early Years to keep observations.




February 22, 2014 @ 3:19 pm   Reply

Holly this video is hilarious but also really effective and shows how much you can achieve using Puppet Pals! I like the way you mixed cartoon images with a photograph of Emma.



March 9, 2014 @ 3:44 pm   Reply

Thank you Alex, we had great fun making the video!

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