Meeting – 16/11/17 (2)

Minutes of meeting – 16th November 2017


  • Brenna Farrow (Chair) – Senior Lecturer in Education (SEN and Inclusion)
  • Helen Caldwell (Minutes) – Senior Lecturer in Education (ITT and computing)
  • Belinda Green – Learning Technologist


  • Tom Weaver – Senior Lecturer in Education (TE)
  • Qian Zhang – Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics
Item   Action By
1 Project Blog set up and link sent to Ming Nie for ILT

Bren to provide project update and send to Ming


 2  Recruitment

Tom to provide the recruitment questions and summary of application process to add to the blog. Helen to add link to the poster and blog, and send poster to Carol for the screens. Tom and Bren to circulate to students.

Bren will write an invitation email. Abby Wickes will come to a meeting with the applicants. 


3 Changemaker

Bren has had a meeting with Abby Wicks. She can offer a 2 hour workshop with the new students. Students need to produce a page summarising their ideas for working in HK related to an issue or topic. Identify a problem, look at causes and effects, look at beneficiaries and then put one idea into practice. This could be targeted activities for particular students. This is a business plan. 

Bren will get a link to Balloon online which is a guide to the changemaker process and to Employability +. 




 Activity Theory/Active Blended Learning (ABL/AT)

Helen has added an ABL summary to the website. Qian has sent some links. Belinda will add these to the website to a section for AT. 


5 Student Mentors

We need to recruit the mentors and offer them a Changemaker route. Tom and Helen to send an introductory email. Bren to organise a meeting and invite Abby. Their involvement would include the contribution of a resource or activity plan and supporting the new recruits. We need to define the process of induction and the expectations of the mentors. We could consider appointing a coordinator. Mentors could provide a resource and a reflection, both of which could count towards their Changemaker certificate. 

Bren will create an invitation for the mentors.


6 Next meeting:  10th January 11.30