Meeting – 10/1/18 (3)

Minutes of meeting – 10th January 2018 (3)


  • Brenna Farrow (Chair) – Senior Lecturer in Education (SEN and Inclusion)
  • Helen Caldwell – Senior Lecturer in Education (ITT and computing)
  • Tom Weaver – Senior Lecturer in Education (TE)
  • Qian Zhang – Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics
  • Belinda Green (Minutes) – Learning Technologist


Item   Action By
1 Project Blog to be written up :
 January (Tom),  February (Helen),  March (Qian), April (Helen ), May (Qian), June (Brenna)


see rota
2 Recruitment

We have received applications from 7 BA Primary and 1 BA SENI students. It is thought that there are another 5-6 students who may apply.  Tom and Brenna will send out an email to their students as a reminder that the deadline is 12/1/18. (We may consider extending this if necessary, so that we have a good field of applicants.).
14 is the ideal number of participants for the HKSC.





3 Review of applications

Tom will review application letters received so far, make a note on each about whether to call for interview, and send them by zip file to Helen, Qian, and Brenna for further review, and to decide which applicants to invite for interview.





4 Interviews

Date / time agreed.   (Invitations to be sent out)
10 minutes per interview, 5-6 questions, Questions from interviewee, breaks.
Tom has the questions from last year’s interviews.  Brenna has the folder from Steve C-A on last year’s HKSC.
We could ask the interviewees to bring along a an activity and/or digital resource to demonstrate at the interview.
[Note – the activities and resources should be Fun!  (they are not part of the normal teaching ‘curriculum’), such as a.m. quiz (e.g. kahoot), p.m. physical activity, weekly talent show.]





5 Changemaker

Brenna to ask Abbie from CM whether they would offer a  twilight F2F session (which we could record) or Webinar as part of  a blended learning ‘Event’ to explain the ChangeMaker Award (CMA) to the students taking part in this Project.

Previous and current participants can work towards the CMA (in the form of a business plan / resources / evidence and reflection on mentoring)



6 Activity Theory/Active Blended Learning (ABL/AT)

The resources that are created will need to be tagged with AT or ABL, and qualifed by, e.g. ‘The AT in this is…’
so we need to provide an Activity Template (based on AT / to design in ABL principles)

ABL = experiential, hand-on learning, collaborative.
AT = specific: tools, rules*, roles, community aspect, outcome

(*Language teaching normally divided by Skills eg. listening, vocabulary, grammar  these come under ‘rules’).

Challenge – Participants can evaluate  the resources to assess what they found useful , helping them to define the tools, rules, roles etc.



7 Induction (an hour)

  • Introduction to the HKSC blog – this will be the central place for induction/resource materials
  • Introduction to Changemaker.  
  • Arrange and introduce to ‘Virtual Buddy’.
  • (Virtual option to be offered, if difficult to attend the Induction session)
  • Ask previous year’s participants whether they can do any/some/all of the following:

(a) help at Induction
(b) provide resources for HKSC
(c) volunteer Mentoring – with the option to take CMA

   Date tbc
8 Funding

ILT funding – Brenna to ask Karen Stobart whether ILT funding can fund a person from UoN to go to HK to support the students during the Summer Camp.  This would need to be paid before the end of the ILT Project in June. 

Santander will not be funding this project, unless they don’t use all funding and therefore have surplus to allocate, as was the case in previous years..

Other options to be explored (possibility of match funding?):

  1. Brenna to ask: Cathy, Julian, Elaine
  2. Other central UoN sources – especially as this is advertised as a student recruitment incentive
  3. Wray Irwin re. ChangeMaker?
  4. Belinda to ask Nick Allen (VC Innovation fund)






9 EAL resources

Qian has provided lots of links to resources. 
Helen suggested that we need to ‘hand-pick’ activities that will work in our context.
Qian further suggested that the participants use AT to evaluate the tool, then look at what happens in practice to evaluate the theory….



10  Next meeting   TBC on 7/2 after the interviews