Meeting – 2/11/7 (1)


Minutes of meeting – 2nd November 2017


  • Brenna Farrow (Chair) – Senior Lecturer in Education (SEN and Inclusion)
  • Helen Caldwell – Senior Lecturer in Education (ITT and computing)
  • Qian Zhang – Senior Lecturer in Educational Linguistics
  • Belinda Green (Minutes) – Learning Technologist


  • Tom Weaver – Senior Lecturer in Education (TE)


Item   Action By
1 Welcome by the Chair to the first meeting of the HKSCC Project Team


2 Project Aims and Objectives – see HKSC Innovation Bid 2017-18BFREV

To note that Project timings for October will move into November


3 Project Blog to be set up and link sent to Ming Nie for ILT


BG, TW Mid Nov





Recruitment for 2017-18 Summer Camp

–        June 2018, 6 weeks, 14-15 students, TE and SEN

Very visual attractive Poster to be produced, and advertised well to students

–        display in session, on NILE, on display screens, email to students

Applicants to send in a letter of application, grades, and personal statement of why they want to go to Hong Kong for this Project, and to source 3 resources: primary, secondary, SEND: Intro, whcy chosen, review.

We may need to arrange interviews. 

Those who cannot go to Hong Kong may be offered a funded/subsidised CELTA; they would also have access to EAL/MfL resources and experience.

First round of names by December.


HC, TW Mid Nov
5 Funding

ILT – see HKSC Innovation Bid 2017-18BFREV

Santander – application to be made to cover all costs of the HK group

VC Innovation funding – to be considered, to visit the Project, and evaluate impact


6 CELTA certificate – world-recognised Award, assessed through Cambridge is being offered by UoN/EL, to anyone (prospective, current, former students, staff, all).

Those with a degree and CELTA have a high chance of being offered work abroad

–        4 week intensive (in June, and in July), 12 places at each

–        £1,400 pp – ask Cathy Smith whether we could subsidise 4-5 students






7 Changemaker Award – all participants could be eligible, HKSC or home.
Abi Wicks to be contacted for more information and possible Intro for students.To be made clear to students that as part of the HKSC project, they will be involved in next year’s Induction / act as Mentors in order to gain their Changemaker certificate: Induction , Volunteering, Sourcing/Producing and sharing resources, Mentoring. Mentoring til Christmas for Year 3, and for Year 2 to fit with Placements.Employability+ Award to be investigated as well. (wording for transcript).
To be considered ‘How does this experience transform the individual?’ 


8 2016-17 HKSC students to be contacted to write about their experiences and to share resources via a Resources Blog, which we will also use as the Project Blog.

Interviews to be conducted evaluate the programme and identify issues to take forward in designing the 2018 induction.

–        see Hong Kong group 2016-17


BF, TW  
9 Activity Theory/Active Blended Learning (ABL/AT)

A Position Statement on ABL/AT to be produced, and how this will be applied.

This will give UoN a chance to lead in this field, as we are the first people to use it as our basis.

All to read Elizabeth Palmer/Sophie Lomer paper on ABL:







10 Resources – a set of curated resources to be produced by 2016/17 students (and staff), to be added to be 2017/18 students. 

A Standard, or set up criteria for activities to be produced.Resources need to be tagged as ‘suitable for’ (level/need/subject etc.), ReviewBlog to be similar to – needs better categories – to be discussed. EfL training is a well-established area in HK, resources to be sent to Project Team

Qian will read around AT to see how it links to EfL.

Qian will send 5 good EFL sites for us to look at.

Google ‘British Council teaching English resources’ to find what types of resources fit the HKSC need.


To be considered ‘What makes a good resource for Hong Kong?’









11 Induction for 2017/18 – As part of the 2018 induction, HKSC students past and present link in a face-to-face learning event with their peers.

Also to share resources.

The experience is about students in Hong Kong seeing that English is fun, promoting speaking and listening, interactive, active, and informal ways of learning English.

Induction needs to be about Hong Kong, the location, culture, project aims, resources, AND how to teach English EAL/EfL

Qian will provide some hours F2F, and record / provide sample training OERs

New to the field of Education is EfL for Special schools.

Consider future placements also in China, for a comparative perspective, and enhanced Changemaker opportunities.

We need to revise and improve the Induction, so that last year’s students will be the Mentors for this year’s cohort.









12 HKSC Support

As well as the Resource Blog, a weekly webinar to be set up.




13 Dissemination – If we are going to write a Journal article, we need a baseline – to be discussed at next meeting.


All 16/11
14 Next meeting – Thursday 16th November 2017, S115 All