Expectations, Hopes and Reflections

Hello all,

Here are some comments on my expectations and hopes for the summer camp.

I expect to have to embrace new things and be proactive in supporting my team and the schools. I expect to be given guidance and support by teaching assistants to embrace a range of opportunities and experiences. Furthermore, I expect to be given guidance at the schools in understanding what they want their children to get from the summer camp whether it is to develop certain skills etc. As a camp director, I expect to support my group as much as I can and provide a great experience for all children, both primary and secondary.

I hope to develop a range of skills from creativity, coming up with fun ways to help develop children’s English and share these ideas with my team as well as develop my teaching delivery skills. Furthermore, I hope to develop my communication skills both with children and adults as well as working with my team and develop my teamwork skills too, ensuring that we share activity and game ideas as well as support one another. I also hope to develop more cultural understanding especially focusing on how education is different compared to England. I hope to gain an enriched experience and create memories I will never forget.

Here are some comments on the sessions leading up to the summer camp.

Due to placement, I was unable to attend the first session however I was able to attend the other training sessions. These sessions provided a great insight into what the expectations of the trip are and how to address them for example exploring the different teaching activities we might use. The first session I went to inspired me to think carefully about a range of activities from learning English skills e.g. preposition in a fun way e.g. snakes and ladders to using a range of icebreaker activities. Furthermore, I was able to understand how a lesson may be taught through repetition and modelling as well as choosing the correct organisation e.g. individual, pair or group work which I will put into practise. Furthermore, it was interesting to learn how their behaviour and culture is different compared to England, providing a great insight into what to expect. In the second session, it allowed us to learn more in-depth about lessons and how you can apply activity theory and the use of mediation tools which we can apply to our lessons. Furthermore, in the second session we received a handbook which provided lots of useful information from flight details to useful information about Hong Kong.

To develop sessions further, it would have been useful to know the layout of the teaching day (timings) at the beginning to understand how to structure lessons as we have now chosen to have a rotation of activities Tuesday to Friday mornings. Furthermore, it would have been useful to have a list of dates of the training sessions in advance so that we could make sure we were free for those days however I understand this may be difficult to know in advance. In addition, as one of the camp directors it may have been useful to have a separate handbook outlining clearly the expectations for the trip including opening and closing ceremony, creating a video etc. Overall, I found the sessions were very useful and look forward to putting what I have learnt into practise.

I am really looking forward to going! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.  Thank you,

Best Wishes

Charlotte Bennett

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