Waste Stories 13/3/2017

1. Survey on offensive waste

David Williams from SRCL is conducting a survey on offensive waste. if you haven’t already done so, can you complete and return the short survey to him by the end of March at djwilliams@srcl.com


2. NHS Sustainability Day (March 23)

Sustainability Day is a national day of action across the health sector. Each year NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Hospitals and organisations take action to highlight the important role sustainable development can play in health service delivery. The National Campaign is supported by those key bodies and groups charged with leading sustainable development across healthcare. This campaign includes this national website which has case studies, tool-kits, news, information and resources to educate and support organisations to embed sustainability in service delivery.

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3. The Group’s 2017 conference

The Group’s 2017 conference will be held on Thursday October 5, at the Northampton Town’s football ground in Sixfields, Northampton. The event will focus on the sustainable management of food waste from the healthcare and hospitality sectors. It will feature speakers from WRAP, the Co-op, Firmley Health NHS Foundation Trust and Severn Trent Water. The event will be sponsored by  Sharpsmart and Olleco.

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4. Brexit implications for the NHS workforce

Brexit and its implications for the NHS workforce is the subject of our podcast between Kate Ling, Senior Policy Manager at the European Office, and Martin Hamilton, Partner at Capsticks and specialist in European employment law.

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5. Landfill Tax rates for 2018

The Treasury has announced that from 1 April 2018 Landfill Tax will be set at £88.95 per tonne for standard rate material and £2.80 per tonne for lower rate material.

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