Waste Stories 22/10/2014


1.Scottish landfill Tax set to be the same as the rest of the UK

The Scottish Environmental Services Association (SESA) has welcomed the Scottish Government’s draft Budget for 2015/16, which sets the Scottish rate of landfill tax at the same level as the rest of the UK.

Finance Secretary, John Swinney, confirmed that when the new Scottish landfill tax takes effect from April 2015, the standard rate of landfill tax would be £82.60/tonne, and the lower rate at £2.60/tonne.

Read the story here: Scottish Landfill Tax

2.Healthcare waste management in Vietnam

The video is part of the report by the Project Management Unit of World Bank after they reviewed the first stage of the financial program. This program aims at improving Hospital Waste Management in Vietnam.

See the video here: Vietnamese healthcare waste management

3.NHS Forest Conference

A number of awards were recently presented to various NHS sites at the NHS Forest Conference.

See the list of winners here: NHS Forest awards

4.NHS sustainability days roadshows

Over the coming months, the NHS will be holding a number of sustainability day roadshows, in cities across England.

See the list of dates and cities here: NHS sustainability dates

5.British Medical Journal blogs on sustainability

A series of blogs were commissioned for the BMJ website to coincide with the CleanMed Europe conference in 2013 around sustainability.

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