Waste Stories 19/9/2016


10th anniversary1.Waste density conversion factors

See the spreadsheet Copy of uk-conversion-factors-for-waste

2. Results of the consultation of the Fire Prevention Plan

See the documents here

3. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)’s new strategy for regulation

View the strategy here

4. Defra’s departmental plan 2015 – 2020

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5. The biofuel autoclave

The Biofuel Autoclave pairs a gasketless non-electric autoclave with a highly efficient, low cost cookstove that can be powered by a variety of biofuels. This creates an autoclave that operates independent of the electric grid, lowering the primary barrier to autoclaving being a viable solution everywhere. It is an attractive solution to infectious waste management in rural areas and in disaster situations, when electric autoclaves may not be appropriate.

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