Waste Stories 2/10/2017


1. The Group’s 2017 sustainable food waste management conference

The Group’s 2017 conference which is sponsored by  Sharpsmart and Olleco, will be held on Thursday October 5, at the Northampton Town’s football ground in Sixfields, Northampton.

Speakers will include:

Alison Wilson is a General Manager working in the Estates and Facilities Division at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust (CHFT) and has worked in the NHS for 12 years.  CHFT were one of three Trusts to work alongside the Soil Association focusing on Food for Life in a healthcare setting initiative and were the first Trust to opt into non-compulsory CQUIN target (Commissioning for Quality and Innovation) focusing on delivering improvements to patient food.  Alison led the project on behalf of the Trust alongside other key stakeholders (Councils, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health-watch and ISS) which involved delivering a reduction in patient meal wastage.  The presentation will describe how CHFT achieved their CQUIN targets.

Andy Fox who is a nutritional therapist with over 7 years’ clinical experience.  He runs Andy Fox Nutrition and is a volunteer with Elsie’s Café, which is part of the Real Junk Food Project.

2. Launch of the Green Nurse Network

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare recently launched the Green Nurse Network in collaboration with the Royal College of Nursing, the Faculty of Heath & Human Sciences at Plymouth University and Medact. The Network draws together nurses, the biggest healthcare profession, who have an interest in sustainable nursing, both beginners and those already making changes to their practice.

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3. The Group’s plans for 2018

In 2018, the Group will be hosting two training workshops, and will also again be running its student experience programme. More details to follow….

4. Global companies commit to simplify food date labels by 2020

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) – a network of 400 of the biggest consumer goods companies across 70 countries – along with Champions 12.3 has approved a Call to Action to standardise food date labels worldwide by 2020.

The Call to Action says retailers and food producers should take three important steps to simplify date labels and reduce food waste by 2020:

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 5. Climate change agreements: operations manual

This manual is a guide for industry sector associations and operators of a climate change agreement (CCA).  This manual explains how to set up and manage an agreement, and how to report energy data against targets.  Amendments have been made which include: increase in fees added to the CCA operations manual; target calculator work book tool has been split in to two separate tools.

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