Waste Stories 17/2/2015

 binPhoto compliments of Stewart Maudsley (from Econix Ltd), of a bin in NZ

1. Green Investment Bank launches waste waste fund

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) has launched a new fund to support small-scale recycling and waste projects in the UK. The Recycling and Waste fund aims to raise at least £50m from the private sector and follows the launch of another fund for off-shore wind projects in 2014…

See details here: GIB waste fund

2. PVC recycling in Australia

It has been estimated that plastics (all types) account for about one third of a hospital’s general waste, most of which is sent to landfill in Australia. Of that plastic waste, PVC is estimated to represent about 25 per cent.

PVC can be recycled effectively once it is recovered from the waste stream and has been separated from other plastics or materials. A pilot PVC recovery program was initiated at Western Health Victoria in 2009. The program demonstrated that some PVC medical products can be separated relatively easily by hospital staff; the PVC can be recycled in Australia and the recyclate produced can be re-manufactured into useful new products.

See the story and video here: PVC recycling

3. Resource efficiency could generate £££billions

Resource efficiency could generate an extra £3.58bn for UK businesses by 2020, according to a new study by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs’ (Defra).

Read the full study here: Defra resource efficiency report

4. Symposium on sustainability in health and wellness: June 9, 2015

The symposium ‘Sustainability in Wellness and Health’ is taking place on 10th June at the Creativity Centre in Brighton. This symposium aims to present the diversity of sustainable practices within health and social care settings and to inspire change towards more sustainable practices. The School of Health Sciences at the University of Brighton is extending an invitation to academic and clinical colleagues from a wide range of disciplines who wish to engage in sustainability to submit papers and posters.

See details here: Health and wellness symposium