Waste Stories 15/3/2015


1. Rand Europe report on hospital governance models

This report by Rand Europe looks at different hospital models in other countries and whether they could provide lessons for the hospital sector in England. In particular, it explores group hospital provider structure and governance models and the extent to which these may be associated with greater efficiency and improved quality of service provision.

See the report here: Rand Europe

2. ISWA study tour of sorting plants in London (May 11 – 13)

The ISWA Study Tour on Sorting Plants will take place on 11-13 May to examine new developments in the processing of waste in order to extract value from it.  The tour covers the initial recovery of materials for recycling as well as several London plants which both sort residual waste to extract more recyclable materials and also process waste into refuse derived fuel, both for use in the UK and for export to other European countries.

See details here: ISWA study tour

3. Study on the environmental impacts of heavy metals in pharmaceuticals

A study on heavy metals leaching from pharmaceuticals in Greece. NB. if you wish to see the full article, you will have to either contact the authors or purchase a copy.

Read the abstract here: Abstract of article

4. Californian stakeholder meetings to review regulations on healthcare waste

The California Department of Public Health, Medical Waste Management Unit is conducting a series of stakeholder meetings inviting all interested parties to attend and review the new regulations mandated by AB 333. The Department is responsible to report to the state legislature by Jan 1, 2016 on using federal rules under DOT vs state rules to regulate transport of medical waste.

See dates here: Californian workshop dates

5. Awards for excellence in recycling and waste management

The Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management provide recognition to leaders of innovation in the sector. Winners will be announced at the lavish Awards ceremony on 14 May 2015 at the five star Landmark Hotel in London.

See details here: Waste management awards ceremony