Waste Stories 4/2/2019

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1.Royal Mail is going greener with all electric vans

As you can probably imagine, Royal Mail isn’t the most environmentally friendly of businesses due to the sheer number of vehicles it has on the road. The logistical behemoth is getting greener by the day, however, today beginning a new trial of cute, fully electric vans from Oxfordshire-based automaker Arrival. Nine commercial trucks of varying sizes with ranges of up to 100 miles will start operating out of Royal Mail’s central London depot from today, carrying parcels and post to other parts of the city and surrounding areas.

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2. Workshop on circular economy and sustainable procurement models

The Group will be hosting a half-day workshop on the utilisation of circular economy and sustainable procurement models on Wednesday 10 April 2019. It will outline case studies of strategies to save monies and other resources. The event will be held at Heatherwood Hospital. 

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3. Scotland’s first coffee cup recycling scheme

The scheme, which is called the Cup Movement and is being co-run by the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), will take a two-fold approach in tackling the city’s coffee cup waste problem, lobbying for recycling infrastructure improvements while encouraging the public to change behaviours.

Specifically, Keep Scotland Beautiful will work with retailers, local authorities and other key organisations to install coffee cup collection points across the greater Glasgow area. It will also run an educational communications scheme, aimed at encouraging coffee drinkers to switch to reusable cups, or to recycle their disposable ones.

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4. The 10 Year Challenge: How the UK’s low-carbon economy has changed

While we can’t summarise the UK’s low-carbon transition, (although the change in Government departments does capture the upheaval) the scope of change over the last decade has propelled the UK into a leadership position in the fight against climate change. But what did the landscape look like back in 2009?

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5. North London Waste Prevention Exchange

This year’s North London Waste Prevention Exchange (Friday 15 March 2019, Inmarsat Conference Centre) will focus on reuse, looking at how we can move away from single use products and drive towards a circular economy. The event will cover topics such as the psychology of reuse and the challenges and opportunities linked to reuse.

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