Waste Stories 26/11/2018


The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1. Building relationships

Changes are needed to the capital system, but estates and finance staff also need to work better together and speak each other’s language

At the moment, thinking about capital and non-current assets is the theme of my working life.  Most of last month was spent working on the HFMA’s recent briefing, NHS capital – a system in distress? Since, its publication I have spoken to other thinktanks about capital and the capital financing system and, this week, I attended the HFMA’s first ever event on estates.

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2. Workshop on circular economy and sustainable procurement models

The Group will be hosting a half-day workshop on the utilisation of circular economy and sutainable procurement models on Wednesday 10 April 2019. The event will be held at Heatherwood Hospital.  More details to follow.

3. Air pollution around hospitals

A recent report from the British Lung Foundation: Toxic air at the doors of the NHS, has revealed that millions of patients and health care practitioners across the UK are exposed to unsafe levels of pollution

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4. Gove hints at further plastic focus in Resources strategy

The government’s waste and resources strategy will look at ‘further restrictions’ on some single-use plastic items, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has suggested.

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5. Aligning resources across the health and care system

The first briefing in HFMA’s mini-series on system finance and governance issues explores how to ensure strong strategic system planning.

There is now a clear direction of travel towards collaborative working across health and care systems, requiring resources to be managed collectively to provide best value for the population. As health and care systems work more closely together, an aligned understanding of activity and finance is vital in developing a single plan. Recognising STPs are not statutory bodies, respondents commented that having a foundation of effective relationships and a will to work together across the footprint were essential factors.

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