Waste Stories 22/10/2018

The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1. Environment Agency consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance

This consultation sets out proposed changes to how we assess and score permit compliance so that we carry it out in a way that is more consistent, clear and proportionate. It also explains how we use the findings of an assessment and what we record on the Compliance Assessment Report (CAR) form. The consultation describes how we use scores from compliance assessments to generate annual subsistence charges for waste operations and installations.

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2. Update on sector guidance S5.06 and S5.07

Advice on indicative standards of operation and environmental performance for industrial sectors.

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3. Public sector organisations can submit an innovation challenge for the GovTech Catalyst round 3

The £20 million GovTech Catalyst (GTC) Challenge Fund, awarded via competitions for research and development funding, provides support to define, develop, test and access creative solutions to complex public sector problems in the UK.

The initiative supports public bodies to raise public sector challenges to the technology sector, inviting tech firms to put forward solutions. Successful candidates will receive funding to work up their ideas, and at the end of the process, public bodies will be able to buy the innovative products which have been developed.

Public sector organisations can now submit policy and operational challenges for the next GovTech Catalyst. Public sector challenge owners will benefit from the opportunity to explore creative solutions to their challenges.

Challenges must be the right size to respond to a feasibility budget of £50,000, and the solutions should be ready to buy with only £500,000 of further investment.

Any UK public sector body can submit a challenge, including UK central government organisations, Devolved Administrations and local public sector organisations.

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4. NHS Scotland and the circular economy

Ditto Sustainability has been chosen to transform the re-use of products for NHS Scotland. Reducing waste, providing cost savings, and developing skilled jobs; stimulating the Scottish circular economy.

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5. NHS energy efficiency fund for LED lighting

The government has made £46 million available through Public Dividend Capital funding for trusts to improve and expand the use of LED lighting across their services, to save the NHS money and provide a better experience for patients, staff and visitors.

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