Waste Stories 11/12/2017


The Healthcare Waste and Resources Research Group

1. The Group’s report for 2017

HCWRR steering committee report 2017a-2eu18wu

2. Half day workshop on remanufacturing/repair/reuse and single use in the healthcare sector

This half-day workshop which is sponsored by Grundon Waste Management Ltd, will focus on the remanufacturing/repair/reuse of bulky items, as well as the effective management of single use items in healthcare facilities. There will be short presentations from Alan Armstrong from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and Karl Sheehan from Sharpsmart. Following the presentations, there will be the opportunity for discussion and the sharing of information. These discussions will be facilitated by Anne Woolridge and Maria Mahon. A light lunch will be served at the end.

Spaces will be limited. To book, click here

3. European Commission consultation on pharmaceuticals in the environment
Read more here


4. Potential new HSE courses
HSE have other topics they are considering running: An Inspector’s Guide to Investigations – what is it like to be subject to an HSE investigation? How would your business handle being investigated?  What can I learn from HSE’s approach for my own investigations?  An Inspector’s Guide to Risk Assessment – how do inspectors take account of the contents of your risk assessment when they are deciding whether to take enforcement action?  What is it about a risk assessment that makes an inspector happy?  To register your interest in these courses contact training@hsl.gsi.gov.uk

5. HSE strategy – Helping Great Britain work well

The Health and Safety Executive ‘(HSE) new strategy and series of sector plans, setting out its strategic priorities for 19 industrial sectors (including waste and recycling).

Read the strategy here


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